L31 Vortec Cam Upgrade There is also a hole in the bottom of the timing cover for a cam position sensor used on the OBDII trucks that the L31-R came in stock. Would my stock computer and CCC be happy with that cam? Would it provide enough of an upgrade to be worth swapping the cams? Thanks! Craig . The Vortec HD version 350 uses a 4-Bolt main block, upgraded exhaust valves and cylinder heads for heavy duty applications. The guides need reworked for high lift performance cams. Small Block Engine Intake Manifolds & Components. It is the last production Generation I small-block. 3L V-6 was Chevrolet’s most successful V-6 platform, and for good reason. 50-inch valves Came out of chevy square body. 5 rocker arm ratio, the lift with a 1. Test 3 added a Wilson-tapered carb spacer and a set of Comp 1. If it is an L31 cam ( 95 truck true Vortec engine) then it makes good torque on the low end, but not as much HP on the high end as the LT1. Spark Plugs For Vortec Heads: 5613611 R44LTS, set of 8. Fan Cooler, Edge Juick w/ Att hot unlock, 295 Toyo Muds. 6 rockers against your existing. VORTEC HEADS HAVE A DIFFERENT INTAKE BOLT ANGLE ON SOME BOLT LOCATIONS. kylenautique; Aug 6, 2023; Towing; 2 3. Or you can buy the NEW GM 1996 - 2000 5. This item: Aluminum Intake Dual Plane Intake Manifold Compatible With 1996-2000 Chevy Chevrolet SBC L31 Vortec 350 383. 42 open rear, stock size 235/75-15 tires) with a fresh build L31. It eliminates some major problematic things (like completely removing the cap and rotor which caused a lot of problems for me, as well as severely reducing dist gear wear associated problems. welp, anyway, i thought it improved throttle response some, but i added it and the kn at the same time also, so who knows. Here is a comparison between the 5. However, OptiSpark has always been problematic. Camshaft, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Duration at. The ramjet cam is what's used in the HT383E. The stock Vortec L31 roller cam was a HUGE improvement compared to the flat tappet stock TBI camshaft! The 1990 K2500 the engine was installed in, is mostly used for towing. This will be a roller cam/lifter motor w/ 1 pc rear seal. Bigger cams will usually want a bit more timing. best cam for a prty stock vortec 350??. For comparison the OEM 1996-2002 Vortec 305/350 RPO L30/L31 cam specs are 191º/196º duration@ 0. I read an article in one of the hot-roddy magazines (Chevy High Performance, I think) about the Vortec 7. The Vortec 5700 L31 (Vin code 8th digit “R”) is a V8 truck engine. 422 HP From A Budget Vortec Head/HOT Cam 355ci Mouse. Whats the best mild cam for a stock 98 Vortec 350? Don't really want a lope idle, but want a cam that adds more horsepower and torque than stock. Must verify standard thread starter, bellhousing, and motor mount bolts. Chevrolet Performance GM Replacement Small Block Chevy Crate Engine [1996-2002 L31 LD Vortec 350 ci/5. L05 'VIN K' upgrade to L31 'VIN R' Vortec heads & cam. Not wondering specifically for a stock LT1 cam, but he wants to upgrade so I figured I would see if I could use one of my other cams. New harmonic balancer, oil pan, timing cover, and valve covers come pre-installed allowing less labor time swapping parts around. 6 rockers on stock Vortec roller cam. Choosing an Automatic Transmission for Your LS Swap. 7L/350 Fuel Injectors and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing!. Engine runs excellent with 210k on the clock. EFILive retains the standard fuel and spark tables for non-boost conditions retaining factory drivability and adds new tables for boost control. com: chevy vortec intake manifold. You can buy a 4 bolt main Vortec 350 using p/n 12530283 (p/n 12530282 gets you 2 bolt mains-for about $30-$40 less). With the vortec heads and other L31 engine parts, I believe this is good for 290 - 300 HP depending on intake and carb. The LS6 springs are a good upgrade. unless the manifold is carb exempt forget it. This is a brand new Authentic General Motors heavy duty marine base engine. 87 Comp xr264hr cam Weiand 8121 intake Edlebrock 750 carb HEI ignition Hooker 1 5/8" full length headers 2000 stall converter th350 trans 3. Cast-iron Vortec Cylinder Head Assembly. Interpolating a MAP based timing table into a Cylinder Mass based timing map might get a bit interesting. I wanted to replace the top end with some upgraded parts. Head casting: 10239906: 1996 350ci, Vortec 5700, L31, 64cc chambers, 170cc intake ports, 1. So the Vortec makes some more HP as we all should expect. 7L, Each Part Number: NAL-12496821. I have never screwed with timing curves for low compression vortec heads. 525" 118/228 112 In order too accept the lift of the LT4 hotcam the vortec heads can either have the guides cut down or you can use COMPs Beehive. Also intriguing is a complete '96 to '02 L31 truck and van 350 Vortec engine (PN 12530282). 6s, Tri-Y headers, stock 1-ton cats, muffler, and exhaust, through a 4L80E and 3. As many know, Vortec heads have a problem w/ retainer to seal clearance. 7L/350 Computer Chips and Modules V8 Engine Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing!. Vehicle Upgrades; eCrate; COPO; Offers; Resources; Find Performance Dealer; Use with cam P/N 3927140 and all moderate-lift racing cams; and Iron Vortec Bowtie heads; Kit for 5. The THM400 was a three-speed unit with tough construction, which not only propelled its success for commercial and heavy truck use, but gained it a spot as the only option for an automatic when big inches and big power were checked off on the order slip …. Stock spider runs around 98% duty cycle at 5,000 rpm. Get it as soon as Wednesday, Oct 4. If you have any questions, please call us at Five Star Engine and Cylinder Exchange (623) 939-0345 or call toll-free at (888) 700-3483, business hours 8am – 5pm M-F MST. FiTech Ultimate Retro LS EFI 750 HP Fuel Injection Systems 37006. 350 Vortec Performance Cams Find 350 Vortec Performance Cams. Swapping out ZZ4 cam, so changing springs to LS6 springs with Comp Cam retainers. 350 target master upgrade. compression and a grossly mild hydraulic cam, a stock LG4 '82 Camaro 305 wheezed out 145 net hp at 4,000 rpm and. The L31 cam is nearly identical to the impala cam: 191/196 duration, 111 LSA. Then you need to either buy a TBI intake for Vortec heads, or an adapter plate (Holley makes one) to fit the stock TBI onto the Vortec intake. For stock power production, the hot ticket is the L31, Vortec-headed 350 offered from 1996-'02 in truck, van, and SUV applications. Over its nearly 30 year production history the 4. Discussion in ' The Hokey Ass Message Board ' started by v8nova64, Apr 28, 2012. 470” valve lift without binding. If you have the retainer clearance the Comp Cams XE268HR-10 with matching springs is a 66 bhp upgrade and makes more power from 3500 rpm up without hurting the bottom end. Smartest power/efficiency upgrade for 94 TBI 350. LT1-powered Camaro/Firebirds (those with the 285-horsepower engine) use the following cam specs: 200/207 duration at 0. In my opinion, this is a great ignition system upgrade. 428 inches of lift at the valve …. Questions about reusing v belt accessories, heater bypass, how the stock cam responds to a carb, header fitment on vortec exhaust ports, fuel system options whether in tank or inline. I may only see a slight increase in performance with my mild. The oil pan must be torqued in a step sequence. The cam-driven water pump with reverse-flow cooling and OptiSpark ignition system were revolutionary. 6 Crane Cams Gold Race roller rockers. 7-liter LS6 that would appear in 2001, and which topped out at about 400 horsepower in the Corvette Z06 and Cadillac CTS-V. Keep in mind that replacing this is not a …. I'm researching a new camshaft for my 1999 350 vortec engine (L31) (in a suburban). Tbi to vortec cam upgrade. Exhaust * Lobe Separation: 112. 480" area and I have PAC1218 LS springs for the heads. More aggressive cams will work, and the rump rump sound might even impress the guys at the drive-in, Hence the L31 Vortec head and it’s many clones in the aftermarket. This engine is not intended for marine. Cam/Crank Timing Marks on L31 SBC. L31 Vortec SBC, We were doing the top end only but we decided. I've already got a fix for fueling, which will run me a hair over a grand by itself. 3L motor I am building with stock heads, stock 9. In 2000, the LR4 got a cam upgrade, which bumped up the horsepower …. 5:1 compression and a mild Comp hydraulic roller cam. Oil pan must have straight contact flanges and must be installed in a direct approach to the bolt holes. L31 injection system upgrade? Thread starter Numbah1; Start date Aug 17, 2022; Disclaimer: Links on this page pointing to Amazon, eBay and other sites may include affiliate code. In this article, we’ll discuss how camshaft works and why swapping to a high-performance. This engine should make at least 425 horsepower at 6,500. Thread starter noremac; Start date Mar 14, 2010; 1; 2; Next. A few 95 TBI motors also got the 880 block. Got a L31 350 vortec motor yesterday - havent dropped pan but assuming all is good - wondering what cam - I found the GM got cam ending in 586. Do It Yourself, Boating on a Budget - SBC LT4 Hot Cam Question - I have a longer term plan to build a 383 stroker, but in the interim I have picked up a solid L31 Vortec 350 from a 2000 GMC 2500 Van - I am going to clean it up and do marine gaskets in it. Since even mild performance cams stretch the valve-lift. Increasing Power From Your 5. 7 Vortec that is pretty much stock. 73 gears buttoning up the motor after a rebuild - 9. 500" valves from the factory and the stock valve springs are compatible with a maximum valve lift of up to 0. This popular and well-known transmission was first used in 1964. Summit Racing™ springs are made from high quality steel and are excellent for both stock and mild performance rebuilds. GM designed this piece as an upgrade to the older, failure prone poppet valve CFSI design and it's well worth it. / 12 Nm (Blue Loctite) Camshaft sprocket bolt 22 ft. A truck manifold from a 1987-1999 5. The L31 requires up to 8 bolts for attaching the manifold, which is fewer than the. 42 and have the exact same thing. L31 applications: Express/GMC Savana full-size vans, …. you can kinda see them at the very bottom of this pic: 1996 c1500 gen1e 5. Shop Cylinder Heads at Summit Racing. 2L LSX LS1 LT1 L83 L86 L87 L84 LT4 LQ4 LQ9 LS2 LS3. JEGS 513002 single four-barrel low-rise dual-plane intake manifold is designed for 1996-2002 Chevrolet 350 Vortec engines. Thread starter JayMB; Start date Jul 23, 2018; Disclaimer: Links on this page pointing to Amazon, eBay and other sites may include affiliate code. stonebreaker · #3 · Jan 1, 2011. Simultaneously, the iron cylinder head flow technology was revolutionized when the L31 Vortec cylinder heads hit the market on GM trucks. You can pick up a brand new L31/Vortec engine for about $2000. Small Block Engine For: 1996-2002 Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana (G2,G3) 1996-2000 Chevrolet/GMC Pickup (CK2,CK3) 1996-2000 GMC Suburban (CK2,CK3) 1996-1999 Chevrolet/GMC Chassis (P3) 3/4 and 1-Ton only; Not for Marine Use. The L31 Vortec head is a popular swap on these engines and bring from 20 to 60 horsepower depending upon the cam and compression used, the higher power number requires a chip. I had changed plugs, cap, and wires. The downside of just dropping a Vortec in is production L31 heads are designed for low lift cam. Anoth Vortec specific PID that was recently added is {GM. Those features make it a perfect upgrade from older versions. TamerX Vortec Spider Fuel Injector Assembly with Plenum Gasket Kit for Chevrolet/GMC 5. Plan the layout of the harness before getting to the car. 96+ Vortec Performance + Computer Swaps. In addition to roller cam provisions, within the Gen I engines you also have the earlier 2 piece rear main seal and the later 1 piece rear main seal, and you need to know which one you. 2 bolt main block intended for vehicles 8600 GVW and under. It is extra power you won't get with a stock-type rebuild or reconditioned. A vortec longblock with the beehives and the #10185071 ZZ4 camshaft (232. Our upgrades were applied to an original (and zero mile!) LB9, but replacing the stock heads, cam, and intake can be performed with equal (possibly better) results on any of the many carbureted 305s. jameshemi said: It will be hard to NOT make 300-plus HP w/Vortec heads on a 350. 7L GM Vortec to a more reliable MPFI spider system. LT4-powered models of this vintage (Camaro SLP/LT4 SS and …. Enjoy banner ad-free browsing with Team Chevelle Plus. Is this additional duration under 0. Thanks mostly to a somewhat cult-like following, a. These numbers were correct to our usual SAP. With a cam swap,it's very easy to hit …. 3L Vortec went through a number of revisions and upgrades: LB1 (1985-1986 primarily in C/K trucks) LB4 (1985-1995 in the S10, El Camino, and other non-truck vehicles). It will maximize performance at an RPM well above your range. I rolled the crank over by hand until the intake valve on #1 just closed, then I kept rolling it until the timing marks on the timing cover line up at what I thought was TDC on Compression on #1. Cam For 350 With Vortec Heads in 2022. The best improvement there is to open up the sheetmetal for the air to get into the intake tract. According to some lectures, that block is used for an L31 vortec engine, and the same for the cyl heads. The B-car LT1 cam is advanced 5° in the Vortecs. Includes rear water outlets, nitrous bosses, a temp sensor boss that …. 7l 315hp performance engine? Which of these three is the best one, Jet powr flo 69100 $302+. 5 rockers now, so I question the need for it. Valve spring upgrade on 810 heads?. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and follow me on instagram!IG: KI_Motorsports. Run EFILive COS with Speed Density only. I am replacing the stock cam with a little more aggressive Lunati cam in a brand new, never fired crate L31 and am confused about the cam timing marks. 7L/350 Intake Manifolds, Carbureted Vortec Cylinder Head Style (application), V8 Engine Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! $5 Off Your $100 Mobile App Purchase - Get the App. 080” with low CR of 10 to 1 or less. The Vortec HD 350 L31 crate engine leverages the strength of a strong rotating assembly secured in a brand-new block with four-bolt mains, along with Vortec iron cylinder heads with upgraded exhaust valves or heavy duty applications. 3L shared considerable hardware with the small-block V-8. Want to swap the ramjet intake for looks and more power hopefully. 7l long block engine for only $1695 exchange. With this cam, a set of Vortec heads, a tall dual plane intake manifold, a 650 to 750 cfm Holley carburetor, I'm looking to upgrade the cam in my stock L31 vortec SBC. In CARCRAFT magazine they had a project called "HUMBLE PIE" and they tried out the same cam you have and it just added 7 HP more then the stock cam. All blocks are mechanical fuel pump capable (Gen1e/L31 has no camshaft eccentric) Machined using precision CNC equipment. I am brand new to the Chevy scene, I have a 1999 Chevy Tahoe 4DR 4X4 OBS with the 5. If original, it should have #906, or,062 Vortec heads. A COMPLETE set New, New Chevy Vortec heads of “CNC-UnderCover Ported” with the above listed “ CNC-UnderCover Porting” modifications, machined for screw-in studs, 11/32″ stainless valves, springs for a flat tapped or hydraulic cam, spring locators, steel retainers, machined valve locks, surfaced with a. With this cam, a set of Vortec heads, a tall dual plane intake manifold, a 650 to 750 cfm Holley carburetor, I’m looking to upgrade the cam in my stock L31 vortec SBC. While it’s true that camshaft adds horsepower, it’s only 10-20 horsepower and generally less than a 10% increase. Run the L31 block and heads, use the tried and true Comp 268hr or the 276hr. Behind the engine there is a TH400 trans, bue I don't know the stall of. The biggest advantages of the aluminum E-tec 170's is the ability to handle a high-lift cam and the weight savings. 5 so I think we'll be good as long as its also available thru the 411 pcm (with a 01-02 L31 express van file base) Thanks for the help Paul!. The 88 Pontiac brochure has the 5. In addition, there are various lifter types available ranging from Hydraulic Roller to Solid Flat Tappet. The reason I ask is becuase I have a 350 H. As many know, Chevy Vortec heads make great power out-of-the box but can’t take more than about. The earlier non self aligning rocker arm equipped heads have a 7/16" x 11/32" ovoid hole in them. You could probably find a cam similar to the stock GM L31 Vortec truck cam which has 191/196 duration at. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 27 of 27 Posts. Summit Racing Part Number: SUM-151124. Firm answer seems to be the 395 cam and you cant beat the price, if i were going to use anyother cam it would be this one. The biggest percentage of gain in performance can often be gained by increasing the exhaust valve diameter rather than the intake. lmk if you need help with your 96-99 vortec just text my number. 7 Vortec and I keep seeing threads on different forums about using the LT4 Hot Cam but its all. Technical Specifications: No filter cleaning required for up to 100,000 miles. For the most part the TBI computer pick up this type change without a hiccup. Need help finding what you are looking for? Contact Us. This cam uses an LSA of 117 degrees which is super EFI friendly. Designed to provide an increase in low- and mid-range. 7L Vortec Crate Engines – Crate Engines For Sale. I am switching out the stock roller cam for a CompCams XR258HR-10, adding hardened pushrods, Crower SS roller rockers and then I'll be good to go. That is the 880 roller block used for 96 up L31 Vortec 350. The manifold is designed to work with 4150 Style Throttle body EFI systems like the Holley 4150 style 112-587 and 112-588. 6 roller rockers, as I have a good set of GM roller lifters and dog …. To demonstrate what is possible with a 305 small block, we upgraded a factory 5. Plan for L31 Vortec Crate engine (4-bolt) backed by 4L60E. This cast aluminum unit makes the perfect intake manifold if you're looking for additional torque …. They had the L31 in them with the 0411. To begin with, L31 Vortec heads have 7/16" ROUND holes already in the heads- not slots - that the pushrods pass through. Mr Gasket 136G - Intake Manifold Gaskets Performance Material If I upgrade my 94 5. For the 906 heads, I won't be doing any porting or de-shrouding, just upgrading the springs to Z06 beehives and Comp Cam retainers and replacing . Get a roller block 350 build with 193 swirl port heads use the L31 Vortec cam Install an aftermarket self learning TBI Use a Performer intake Recurve the HEI to be all in by 2500 replace the 2. That hole needs to be plugged (to be discussed later in the guide). Edelbrock part #2116 Performer intake manifold is based on the popular and powerful Edelbrock #2101, this dual-plane intake is designed for the street rod, industrial and engine swap market utilizing 262-400 c. I plan on upgrading valve springs to Comp 26918, 787, 648 Thanks. Many issues, first thing I have to take care of is the blinking/on check engine light. It’s a popular subject for almost anyone who owns a GMT 400 like me. Better to go with a whole L31 engine since you also get 1 piece rear. The Alex spring kit and the LT$ hot cam make a nice uprate for the L31. Your old spark plugs may not fit, either. It does, however, require a specific intake manifold (A 5. dang really, hmm, been a while since i had my 98. 400-inch valve lift flowed only 190 cfm. L31 Vortec with a Stock LT. 6:1 rockers to make some more lift, but that's going to be a pretty mileage friendly cam either way. 050 lift (intake/exhaust) is 214/224 degrees, and the valve. Engine Blocks and Components; Corvette Cargo Management. It was designed for use with larger pickup trucks. The stock iron heads have been ported and flow EXhaust 51, 96, 137, 155, 164, 169 Intake 62, 134, 189, …. It's unique bolt pattern limits intake selections. L31-R cam upgrade 12035 Views 17 Replies 9 Participants Last post by Pops @ Tri-5. Comp Cams Spring Kit, Gm L31 Vortec Cylinder Head,. L31 350 Vortec DynoLightly Moded DD. 6 rockers without problems) - 14093643 350 TPI 97-94 roller 202/. Rocker Arms, Pro Series, Stud Mount, Full Roller, Stainless Steel, Natural, 1. A 350 cubic inch for optimal performance. We also offer a Level 1 install kit for these engines. L31 350 VORTEC PERFORMANCE OPTIONS / CAM PISTON UPGRADE. Just a few questions regarding swapping in an l31 long block that would be carbed. hevrolet Texas Speed TSP Chopacabra Truck Camshaft Cam Kit with Beehive Springs and Seals LS 4. Rotate the engine to 50 degrees before top dead center on cylinder one. Over 500 K kilometers not sure if engine has been replaced. L30 305 Vortec cam specs?. Common GM Transmissions that work with a Vortec or LS Motor Although a Generation III Vortec or LS motor was not offered in vehicles until 1997, to better understand the transmissions available with them, we start back in 1982 with the introduction of the 700R4 transmission. This is primarily attributed to the high port flow in the. When combined with performance-built stock 305 heads w/larger valves or aftermarket heads, plus a camshaft upgrade, these engines can perform surprisingly well. Originally, the stock #906 casting head was available in two versions. I guess OP can go with a GMPP or Blue Print 350? OP has to have EGR. He will also need the vortec style self alinging rocker arms and center bolt valve covers. This combination, along with the Duntov solid lifter cam, produced 360hp or 340hp with the single Carter 4-bbl carburetor. The AirGaps designed open air space separates the runners to keep the hot engine oil away resulting in a cooler, denser charge for more performance. Exhaust Duration at 050 inch Lift: 223. 500” valve lift area, wide bowl, and back-cut intake valve and …. With a good dual plane intake,4 bbl carb, & headers,you will have a very good engine with approx. K&N drop in, MSD coil, Shorty Headers, true dual 2. Chips range from 150 to 350 dollars and don't alwys work te first time requring another chip, The L98 heads in iron or aluminum are not quite as good as the Vortec but. Just know, if this were a Vortec anything like the L31 vortecs that come in 1996+ trucks, there's a good chance you really are fighting timing. I'd say the goal would be around 350 wheel horsepower. Jan 25, 2008 25 and on my heads with a. It offers the performance of more expensive heads, at a much lower cost. 2 LS1 LQ9 LS2 LS3 CAMSHAFT RETAINER THRUST PLATE (#322476641999) See all feedback. L59 denoted a flexible fuel version of the standard fuel LM7 engine. 50” exhaust valves with p essed-in 3/8” studs. If lifters and timing chain set are needed, see link below:. 1998 L31 vortec 350 looking for nice performing mild camshaft …. 525" 118/228 112 In order too accept the lift of the LT4 hotcam the vortec heads can either have the guides cut down or you can use …. This article will explain the benefits of the GM CSFI to MFI Spider Conversion for All 1996-2001 4. Estimated Ship Date: Nov 27, 2023 if ordered today. Can hear it slurping the air in. The GMPP is supposedly a drop-in for 1500s, (and all Tahoes are 1500right?) so as long as the emission inspectors don't look at the. 7 L Vortec L31 Torque Monster Build Suggestions. If you can find a good set of used Vortec heads that are not cracked a set of new valves, valve job and a little bowl work is all you need to put your 350 engine in the 12's. Well guys, I recently installed a LT4 Hotcam into a 97 vortec motor with a ton of help from Melonhead. The idle was very rough and I had a severe loss of power. The first step is to break down the harness and split up the groups of wires. Upgrades to Opti-Spark applied to : Y- and F-body: Camshaft: Roller lifter: It outflowed the legendary Bow Tie heads and was the basis for the Vortec head, one of the best bargain. / 30 Nm (Blue Loctite) Any small block engine, regardless of year, that uses Vortec heads, will require an external coolant bypass line from the intake manifold to the 5/8" hose nipple on the water pump (passenger’s side). Idling through a Magnaflow cat back. The lift specs are slightly different, but for all intents and purposes they're identical. 412 lift at the valve using a 1. Was thinking of doing a winter project and . You can really feel it, especially at idle. 5 rocker; exhaust is 266/195* degrees with. Jul 11, 2018 L31 towing cam upgrade. Estimated Ship Date: TodayLoading Estimated Ship Date: Today. The L31 Vortec heads can only accept a max lift of around. Just select it in there after you select the PID for it. The wiring is slightly different between the 96, 97, and 98 to 2000 trucks. Originally, the stock #906 casting head was available in two …. Hey guys, just did the spider upgrade on my '97 5. Intake Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio: 0. 350 SBC / Vortec Heads: Cam Choice?. Also how big can you go and still . Im going carb with a 200-4r and . I am thinking of repacing the stock truck . You may use the form to contact me, but if you found my website by a link from Facebook or other social media, I suggest you comment or message me there for faster response. Vortec Engine Problems (Hesitation / Bogging). The block will accept a roller cam as it has the bosses in the lifter valley that are already drilled and tapped but it has a flat tappet cam. And that is, the COMP Cams 12-602-4 Big Mutha’ Thumpr 243/257 Hydraulic Flat Cam. LS SWAPS: Wiring Harness and Wiring Guide. We measured our stock iron heads right out of the box and the retainer-to-seal clearance was only 0. 7L/350 Engine Rebuild Kits. The AFR heads offered intake flow that exceeded 280 cfm (enough to support 550+ hp) and when combined with the healthy cam specs (. The GM Industrial Vortec cylinder head was made by installing LT1 Corvette ports into an iron casting. So I picked up a complete Ramjet intake manifold and also included was the Mpfi 4 ecu and harness that the ramjet crate engine uses. along with a forged steel crankshaft, this engine is in all essential respects a modern upgrade to the classic Chevy 350. This aluminum small-block Vortec manifold was designed for maximum horsepower with throttle body fuel injection and EGR usage. Roller Rockers for L31 Vortec Heads. Stock out-of-the-box Vortec heads have approx. A roller camshaft optimizes drivability and airflow capability. The 350hp specs are for the ramjet 350 and are gross specs. If you buy a used LT1 cam, make sure the lobes are not worn, and measure the lift. Replaced World Products 305 S/R Torquer heads with '96 - '97 Chevy truck L31 Vortec cast iron heads, GM P/N 12558060. Just cause they're different motors, dosen't mean things won't exchange out. 050" tappet lift (intake/exhaust) is 196/206 and maximum lift with 1. Includes 16 P/N 10212808 lightweight retainers. To start with, this has been by far the most involved piece of maintenance i have done to this truck. Wanted to upgrade for more power I use my truck to pull a little toy hauler. Lobe Separation Angle GM L31 engines 1996-1999 Chevrolet/GMC Full Size Trucks, 5. 76-78cc heads with teeny tiny valves. The ECM must be tuned and headers are needed to get the potential out of this engine. Intake Runner Volume (cc): 175cc. $5 Off Your $100 Mobile App Purchase Camshaft Style: Hydraulic flat tappet. SKU: 19432780 Categories: Chevrolet Performance 350 Crate Engines, Chevy Truck Engines, Factory Replacement Engines, GM OE, Small-Block Engines. At highway speed usually you could not tell there was a. But in order to comply with your preferences, we'll have to use just one tiny cookie so that you're not asked to make this choice again. ( I got 63 and 64cc when I tried) Standard pistons Dish 12cc Piston below Deck height 0. If you want the motor to live a long. When I plugged in the specs off the Summit cam card, the 8800 was down about 10 ft/lbs at 1,500 rpm but up 10 hp at 5,500. As you may know the early style Central Sequential Fuel Injection (CSFI) or Spider units tend to fail overtime. The truck is a 1996 4wd 1500 with an L31 350 Vortec small block chevy under the hood. Edelbrock part #7516 RPM Air-Gap intake manifold is based on the powerful Performer RPM Vortec #7116. Intake Manifold, Vortec Head Design. (and injection system - since it's intended to retrofit into older stuff). 0411 Run L31 Vortec 350 to EFI Connection 24x Coil Per Cylinder. 4L/L29 cylinder heads being the "hot tip" for big-blocks the same way the 5. Stud, Chevy, 305, 350, Set of 16. 73 posi rear end 3000# vehicle I have changed the springs …. 99 (13) Ships Today Lowest Price Guarantee Add To Cart L31 Truck Engine Kits JEGS 0282K1 Part Number: 059-0282K1 JEGS Replacement Crate Engine …. Picked up a L31 Vortec engne and going to do a mild build, this engine will end up after being in my car a few years replacing my father's number matching L46. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mercruiser Mercury Vortec L31 5. I know I am a few months late to reply but I have been working on an L31/350 Vortec MPFI intake manifold. However, years ago I built a 305 roller engine with 305 vortec heads. Chevrolet Performance LT4 Hot Cam 24502586. Top Cam For L31 Vortec Heads brands try to offer some unique features that make them stand out in the crowd. This cam will give you tons more of lower rpm torque (approx. Vortec heads 280H cam, TH400/2400 stall converter and 10 bolt/3. Firstly, my reasons for doing this: I just put a new crate engine in it last summer and I'm trying to keep everything in good condition to make this truck last another 300,000 miles, the original. ), let's look at the cost involved in going from stock #882 heads to Vortecs or TFS heads on your engine: Vortecs: Vortec heads - $480/pair. SBC crate engine from GM 357hp/350. it fired right up as I pedaled it lightly until it hit closed loop and quiclkly started to learn fuel trims. I put close to 20k miles a year on it, with a 1/3 being intown and the rest running down the highway between 1800-2200 RPMs. 050" This is the cam I have in my carbed L31 and it runs real strong, lots of torque in the low and mid range. with a tune, you'll give up no . My stock poppet spider was set at 23. Chevrolet Performance L31 HD Engine. Help Center for Buyer Find 350 Vortec Performance Cams Sign In Access your account or create one now. Get something a little bigger like the XM262 or XM270. 7L/350 Computer Chips and Modules. : Intake 191 / Exhaust 196; Cam Lift: Intake 0. I am sure you can Google the specs of the LT4 vs Ram Jet cam and see vs a stock …. Swap a $250 roller cam in it along with a $150 set of drop-in valve springs and it'll make about 400 Gross HP and that cam has an eccentric for mech fuel pump. Most fuel efficient 350 sbc cam combo?. If yours has the welded cam, the shape of the cam will dictate what you can accomplish, but even so a curve close to the above …. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. 7L Vortec heads were the "hot tip" for small-blocks. This Vortec L29 L30 L31 L35 ECM programming harness requires Pass-Through Harness. Looking for a tune file for a L31 Vortec 350 with an LT4 Hot Cam …. The LB4 was the first Vortec engine to employ multi-port fuel injection, and this engine was rated at 200 horsepower. I suppose if you used the lowest lift factory cam, you might pull it off- but even then it would still make good torque. 25:1 nominal Compression that the 67-70 350 had with 64cc chamber heads which the Vortecs also have. Free Shipping; Special OrderLoading Estimated Ship Date: Nov 27, 2023 if ordered today. 71 replacement engine from JEGS High Performance!. Order the L31 Chevy Vortec 350ci/5. 3 Vortec and install the carbureted 327ci ""5. The Vortec had a four inch bore, also known as cylinder diameter, and a 3. 7L 350 CID (L31-R) and the 12677151 - Hydraulic Roller Camshaft - SP350/357 for $2385. It features a camshaft, solid filters, and a carburetor specifically designed with an aluminum intake. The Vortec Central Sequential Fuel Injection system utilizes a unique fuel injector for each cylinder. Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Picking a Cam & Cylinder Heads for. Sold by AutoPartsProdigy and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Custom OS not required; feature is supported by EFILive in the standard GM Operating System. Budget Vortec Head Cam 355 Build. They will, however, require a Vortec …. The air-gap design features an open air space that separates the runners from the. Hi all - Im seriously considering a L31 vortec roller swap this weekend. 1 2 SleeperBBC · #2 · Jul 11, 2014 I think the casting numbers are all the same. Which GM cam to perfect the L31?. The common solution to this issue is to machine the valve guides, and spring seats to allow upgraded springs and more clearance for more lift. Marketed as the “Vortec 5700” engine, but known internally by the moniker of L31, this engine was used primarily in GM vans and trucks until. JEGS 80521 - Valve Spring Compressor [Stud Mount] 24574683-10Complete head with valves, and springsNo cams or cam View Full Product Description. Free ShippingLoading Estimated Ship Date: Today. Fits 12691672 Vortec 350 L31 LD or 12691673 Vortec 350 L31 HD Truck Crate Engines; Provides all items from Level 1 Install Kit, PLUS: A water pump kit with gaskets, spark plug wire set, cap, rotor, and serpentine belt. 000 valves and no gain with a 2. Machined and assembled in the USA. 3 is a Small Block with 2 cylinder chopped off. My 1996 Vortec had a dead cylinder when I bought it. the springs are the same, factory springs used in the 193/191 heads. Okay I have a 97 c1500 with a 5. Weíve packed the ZZ4 350 crate engine with a forged steel …. with vortec heads and I wanted to make a upgrade to my cam and get some more HP. guess this is same as a sbc in many ways, higher SCR - same heads as I had b4. Just picked up a 96 Jimmy that is very clean,rust free and fresh paint, plan was to swap the 327 into it because the blazer rusted away, but I think I will try option 5 first. Valve springs are one of the most critical and overlooked components in your engine. stock cam spec : 191 / 196 414"/. 3L Vortec Common Engine Problems – Vortec 4300 V6. Adding an extra 1 bar of boost (actually 14. 020 valves and on the Vortec heads going to 2. Pretty much a 4 bolt Vortec 350 with a roller cam. Cam upgrades, Stock cam is awful. I figured the 305 would have a slightly milder cam but that will work just fine for what I have in mind. 08 Install a 700R4 with a working Lockup converter and controls Use long tube headers not larger than1-5/8ths pipes into duals of 2. I’ve done several stock L31 Vortec engines into the 87-95 trucks converting them to the TBI of those years and several L31 Vortec cam changes into TBI engines. Many exhaust manifolds have drilled and tapped holes …. The stock Vortec valvesprings cannot handle the HOT cam’s 0. Before that they used the same roller cam blocks (with or without roller machining done) but with a flat tappet cam. the ramjet 350 and ht383 crate engine cam is. Chevrolet Performance intake manifold P/N 88961161 was used in development. To make 390hp/420tq from a stock cast iron truck headed engine with only a. You can reuse the stock roller lifter which is the great thing about them. The best you can do is upgrade to a Vortec heads & intake / ECU system. 6 roller rockers, as I have a good set of GM roller lifters and dog bones and. The bigger cams actually made less power. It May also be used on Vortec or 1995-Earlier blocks with Vortec pattern cylinder heads; Accepts late model alternator, water neck, AC, and HEI; No provision for divorced or heated choke; Stock/stamped steel valve covers may require 3/16" (or thicker) valve cover gaskets. Yes, works with self aligning rockers as well as heads w/ screw in studs and guide plates and std, non self aligning rockers. upgrade to L31 'VIN R' Vortec heads & cam">L05 'VIN K' upgrade to L31 'VIN R' Vortec heads & cam. 7 Oval Track Engine For Sale **Vortec Heads **Special Cut Cam , Clearances and Compression for Oval Track Racing. The HT383E is the same basic engine as the HT383. 95 S10 extended cab,lowered 3", 480+ horse 383,edelbrock etec 200's,vortech V-2 and meth injection on the way NV3500 ford 9", 3. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Buy KAISAL Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft. BluePrint Engines 50 state legal 383 c. This is now my hotrod truck, and its in great shape: has relatively new 4L60e Goodwrench rebuilt tranny; with stock 3:73, I just put a new L31R crate longblock in with stock intake. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 7L/350 Chevy small block Gen I COMP Cams Thumpr Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifter Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! COMP Cams is bringing the musclecar sound back, and it's nastier than ever! Few things serve to grab our attention at a car show or cruise night more than a car with a thumping, …. If your block has '87+ OEM-style roller cam provisions but does not have roller components fitted, COMP Hyd. In this cam’s heyday, depending on compression ratio, this produced between 250 and 300 horsepower from a 350. BogiesAnnex1 · #9 · Apr 7, 2021. This special engine was only used in 1996 1 ton vans. 7 Vortec long block replacement engine online. 1855 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by Cake. Vortec heads are known for good flow and after opening up the EFI intake, it seems to me that it should flow to 5500 RPMs. 7  with the later vortec heads is this the correct manifold to …. 1984 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme. One of the most important things to consider when modding the 7. Leaving it alone and installing a new cam are two totally different things :roll: 06 Megacab CTD, Firepunk Comp I transmission, Derale Aux. Start your SBC rebuild off with a solid foundation, Summit Racing offers many 383 stroker kit rotating assemblies to meet your engine build specifications.